Welcome to the premiere full board horse stables in Montgomery, Texas. This exclusive facility offers substantial amenities for both horse and owner

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There are two covered arenas available at Redhorse. The larger arena is a full 140' by 280' riding size and benefits from being screened, lighted, as well as covered so a horse owner is free to train on a flexible schedule regardless of the weather. Both arenas are also equipped with Big A fans.

Turnout pastures offered at Redhorse are equipped with loafing sheds to shelter horses in the heat or inclement weather. A round pen is available for horse training, and a covered Priefert Automatic Walker ensures horses will receive exercise regardless of weather and their owners' schedules.

Stables & Barns

The horse stables consist of three barns. The main barn holds twelve stalls and each of the other barns contains six more stalls for up to twenty-four horses total. Each barn is designed for a horse's comfort. All three are equipped with automated fly spray systems and automatic water. The barns are also insulated and equipped with fans for more comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Comfort & Security

Horses are not the only ones who will be comfortable here. The restroom, break room, and tack room are all air-conditioned. Portable air conditioning units are also available for the horses. A feed room, a choice of two wash racks, and a storage room complete the horse stables. It is all protected by an alarm and video surveillance.

Owners and horses will both appreciate the clean facilities designed with comfort, practicality, and functionality in mind.

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Address:10261 FM 149
Montgomery, Texas 77316